What is "Ackenpucky"?

“Ackenpucky” is an Appalachian colloquialism defined as a meal made of any unspecified ingredients, or what is more commonly referred to as "stew". 

Within stew, each individual ingredient enhances the flavor of the others. Similarly, Ackenpucky was founded as a creative resource firm where the variety of individual projects and challenges mutually influence every creative task


Who is "Ackenpucky"?

"Embracing Appalachian culture and developing communities through regional art" is the mission that Ackenpucky was founded upon. We emphasize the importance of art and design and how these have a strong impact on the well-being of the individual and the community as a whole. Understanding the importance of economic regionalism, we incorporate work from other local artisans and artists into our design. Along with these works, Ackenpucky has a portfolio of our own hand-crafted, unique furnishings, which are mostly constructed of salvaged materials.


How to "Ackenpucky":

When most people hear “designer” they think of layout and styling things to look a specific way.  This is something that we certainly do.  What that entails, for us, is taking time to dialogue with our clients about their greatest needs as well as wants.  We then devise a plan to make the project in question function as needed, exude the feeling that is wanted, and use the principles of design psychology to come up with a design that will work for our clients as well as manage the project from start to finish to achieve our client's end goals.


We keep as much of the work as possible in house to protect our client’s vision as well as our design from being muddied by too many “cooks in the kitchen."  We create renderings in 2-D & 3-D format, design and sell custom products, as well as sell high quality products, direct from well known manufacturers.  We design and build custom cabinetry, furniture, and lighting; do custom upholstery; sew custom draperies; create custom art, sculpture; design custom graphics for logos and signage, do production and set design... and THAT is not even the entire menu!

Much like the region where our name was derived, Ackenpucky's design is diverse, adaptable, and organic.  The way the ingredients of our firm interact produces a result that is unique; a modern yet timeless recipe with elements that everyone can appreciate.